The Day the Binkies Went Away.

kraft_binky_boyIGI got my toddler off of binkies lately. It took an hour. A tense fucking hour. Previously, he was generally Binked Out and learned to talk through these things. But then he kept biting them apart. And he has expensive binky taste. So I reasoned with him:


Me: Dude. The binkies are gone. But now you can have food and crayons, and I won’t lock you in the bathroom in the dark.
Him: Fuck you, Daddy. Gimme. Iwantmybinky!
Me: No. Pay attention.
Him: No.
Me: Hey! Listen to Daddy!
Him: Fuck you, awhol.
Me: What did you call me?
Him: Daddy, you listen!
Me: Okay, so the binkies are all gone. Sorry, dude. Blame Mommmy.
Him: [Growl]

Now the binkies are gone, and he won’t. stop. talking. in the car.

First image: Pentel Sign Pen brush tip in Field Notes Snowblind edition.

Second image: Pentel Sign Pen and Forest Choice colored pencils in Kraft Field Notes.