I used to dream of art school. Then I went to a liberal arts college. Then a private university. Then a public university. I never went to art school. This is, as you can see, largely because I can’t draw very well. I never studied creative writing, either, like I wanted to. I took two poetry seminars with a teacher (and half-famous poet, I think) who hated me and referred me to a therapist because I wrote for myself and not her bullshit academically anemic poetry standards.

Not going to art school and suppressing your creativity for years doesn’t make a person very nice. I am left with a very fancy education, a lot of art supplies and no idea of how to use them. I have stopped giving a fuck and have decided to draw more and put that shit on the interwebs.

If you are offended by something, examine yourself. If you’re still offended, send me some hate mail.

baddrawingsbadman [AT] GMAIL [DOT] COM

I will send you hate mail back, probably. You might not like it. If you’re still offended, look at the drawings of someone with talent and dedication who makes better pictures than I do. Send me their links because I enjoy good art, too, even if mine is crappy.